Hi, I’m Judy Wallace. I love life. I love inquiring with others into the yet unseen potential we individually and collectively hold. My journey has taken me from a rural midwestern small town across the world, exploring many life-changing experiences and conversations, while deepening my sense of soul in a troubled world. As a seeker, I continue to evolve, grow, and learn.  With others I host sacred spaces, for individual & collective healing, developing shared fields of coherence as we explore the confluence of our soul gifts and the world’s deep transitional needs.

Judy K Wallace

Healing Our Histories                 -                                     individually and collectively


As humans how might we open to the Oceans of Possibilities almost within reach?
 Discover our own value and soul connection within the larger whole?
Heal and honor all that has come before that supports us now in these transformational times?
Find our paths journeying together to build a future where all thrive?
Where our histories and soul-FULL-ness weave us into the larger web of life?