About Judy
My History

      As a small town Ohio girl, yearning to see the wider world, I studied French at Ohio State and felt the tectonic shifts underway of the emergent movements of the 1960's - civil rights, feminism, the Vietnam War and more. So much was just beginning to touch the surface of deeper societal pain underneath and still plays out today. When I was a teacher, racial tensions permeated and disrupted public education and touched something deep inside me that has lived in me ever since.  I acquired two masters degrees, one getting me to Europe where I loved the deeper exploration of multiple cultures, leading me into cultural training and consulting for those living and working across cultures, including immigrants to the US. 

My spiritual awakening, soul awareness, and the call to be of service continued to come more into focus. My Masters in Conscious Evolution was another leap leading to work including Collective Presencing Circles and Women Moving the Edge, Theory U and the U.Lab, and eventually the powerful work of systemic constellations - revealing and healing centuries of deep trans-generational wounding, activating potential for true change.


        I am committed to bringing my conscious presence, healing, and soul support along with my life’s learning and experiences wherever I am needed. I encourage and hold space for individuals who want to come into their own, are willing to do their personal work, and then step into their larger purpose. I am also very committed to work at the edges of the larger systemic and societal wounding and healing, especially through deep circle practice and systemic constellations - and so revealing and healing collective trauma across multiple generations.  The transcending of old patterns that deeply divide is key now. As we learn to sense and listen to the larger 'field' that immerses us, our presence and collaborations can take shape and have results we might not have imagined a few years ago. It's a delicate dance of individual soul purpose finding its intersection with the world’s collective deep needs. And all is interwoven into the infinite web of life. It is time for we humans to see ourselves within the larger context of the natural world, the seen and unseen, the Earthly and the Cosmic. We have a key role and it is time to step up and in. I am fully committed to that.

About Judy

I offer here a video - thanks to Linda Comeau - building to my presence, participation, and session on constellation at the North American Systemic Constellations Conference in Virginia Beach Oct. 5-8 2017


        I call us to collectively engage as souls, beyond our personal agendas, in small and large groups, to listen to all voices and together inquire into the big questions we don’t have answers for.

As societal fragmentation erupts in the US and all across the world, as historical legacies of trauma and pain are disturbingly visible, so much is calling to be healed on every level and everywhere. Each of us is needed as a Soul, to truly free ourselves of limitations and enter our FULL potential and to come together creating a future that has long waited for us – a life-affirming future for everyone – and for generations to come. The local and global amplify this hidden potential for each other as small initiatives are born, prototyped, and taken to scale – the global then spiraling back to local connections as the larger field of consciousness ripples through time, space, and place.  

This all lives deeply in me, in my work,

and how I bring myself to all I do and offer.

How is this all unfolding now?
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