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Where are the Elements of Potential and Hope in a Country (World) So Divided?

Constellation Evening Feb. 24, 2017 Harvest - Judy Wallace How might we understand more about the USA as a land of extremes? How might we engage in this dynamic to better hold and heal current polarizing tensions? Where is the hope that seems to be missing? We are a nation of immigrants and it felt important to honor the indigenous and this land here in Colorado that holds us and sustains life. A kaleidoscope of ancestral lineages and homelands were embodied in those in the room, noticing much of this is present in the USA. Some of the major ones: Hungary, Germany, France, Norway, England, Wales, Denmark, Sweden, Native American, Eastern Europe, Slovakia, Holland, Ireland, Scotland. Some o

Seeds of Hope? in a diverse & divided land

Collective Healing Constellation Feb 10, 2017 Fort Collins, CO Harvest - Judy Wallace Continuing to explore why there is so much turmoil in America. A land of diverse immigrants and perspectives looking for Home Energies in play – As we gathered a Lunar Eclipse was in process. Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo. Seemed like a door opening to release what’s not needed leading to the second Eclipse and threshold on Feb. 26. Both Moon and Sun will be together in Pisces….. As a nation of immigrants (calling this land home, so long home to the indigenous), a kaleidoscope of ancestral lineages were embodied in the room, very predominantly white European – and still showing the diversity of immigr

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