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How has escalating gun violence become imbedded in the social fabric of our US society? Where might

Harvest for Collective/Social Healing Constellation Evening – Boulder – June 16, 2017 YWCA the USA, struggling to find its identity in the midst of continual turmoil in our country and across the world. Some Background Judy – as constellator, facilitator – here are some of my thoughts and observations as we entered into this experiential evening. Often for me the constellation becomes an exploration of the dynamics at play in recent unexpected tumultuous events arising in the larger context of US history and current events – continually evolving and intensifying disturbing patterns. A couple of days before the 16th, a man unexpectedly began shooting at GOP Congressmen at an early morning ba

Maybe our children and future generations want to be included as climate change gets lost in politic

How often do we forward the future to the innocent who follow? How might we burst our bubbles of illusion that this does not matter? Collective Healing Constellation in Fort Collins June 2, 2017 Going blind, we looked at how current US leadership is in relationship to the Earth, the Paris Accord, and saw how the shadow points to what is being left out? Harvest - June 2, 2017 Collective Healing Constellation Evening – Ft. Collins - Blue Moose Gallery the USA, struggling to sustain an identity in the midst of leadership in turmoil, and extreme polarizing elements arising inside our country and across the world. We gathered once again to step into the ‘field’ to explore the often hidden dynamic

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