What is your unique imprint? The note you are meant to sound? Through deep listening and exploration, the opportunity opens for you to come into clarity
and attunement around your true life direction. What is it that wants to flow through you,
that naturally nourishes and fulfills you, that is your unique note naturally harmonizing within the greater whole? The place from which you feel alive?


A Soul-inspired Coaching Circle is a small group of 5 or 6 including Judy meeting every couple of weeks to engage for 2 hours in a process that accesses our collective ‘field’ of knowing, beyond what any one of us might know on our own. As a coaching circle, and with Judy’s guidance as part of the circle, we develop a sense of intimacy and trust to work collaboratively from our soul-FULL-ness, with the life, purpose, and leadership challenges facing us in turbulent times. 


The process of Systemic Constellations is an experiential way for groups and individuals to explore something that is not quite clear, why some unwanted pattern keeps repeating itself, or why habitual emotional reactions prevail. Something seems to be stuck, or blocked, or secret - lots of unknowns.  The inquiry could be personal, family-related, societal or institutional.  This is a facilitated process, including human or object representations of the elements we identify at play. Historical or generational influences are revealed and often new information emerges, energy shifts, as healing and resolution become possible.  It’s a safe and sacred way to take a deeper experiential look welcoming what we have not seen before.