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Seeds of Hope? in a diverse & divided land

Collective Healing Constellation

Feb 10, 2017

Fort Collins, CO

Harvest - Judy Wallace

Continuing to explore why there is so much turmoil in America.

A land of diverse immigrants and perspectives looking for Home

Energies in play – As we gathered a Lunar Eclipse was in process. Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo. Seemed like a door opening to release what’s not needed leading to the second Eclipse and threshold on Feb. 26. Both Moon and Sun will be together in Pisces…..

As a nation of immigrants (calling this land home, so long home to the indigenous), a kaleidoscope of ancestral lineages were embodied in the room, very predominantly white European – and still showing the diversity of immigrant cultures choosing to live here.

Opening Sacred Space – Silence and circle honoring the ancestors.

Cultures weaving through this group:

English, Norwegian, Welsh, Native American, German, Italian, Southern Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, Asian, Canadian, French, Danish, Scots Irish – many whose ancestors arrived in the 1600’s and some much more recently.

Opening into Deeper Circle: What is alive in you now as we arrive, sit together, and explore these deeper aspects of who we are as Americans and as an immigrant culture?

Some expressions of this coming into the circle:

  • A couple don’t really identify as American, still feeling the ancestral roots or have not thought of themselves as American. One takes no pride in being American. It’s complicated.

  • Rediscovering who we are as Americans.

  • Grandparents came to her in the silence and she recalled how, as a child, she went with them to the Polish club, and they were all so proud to be Americans.

  • Now with Muslim ban one person felt ashamed, and has been in aligned meditation to receive guidance and be in the ripple effect of social healing.

  • One loves connecting with other cultures. Sad people are being excluded.

  • Be the love we wish to see.

  • Chaos and deep sadness.

  • Grateful to be here in this place and time. Chaos is disturbing, wish for peace.

  • Fear. So much fear – of the other, of losing something. There’s a need to find ways to help each other and not buy into fear.

  • Not her first rodeo (active resistance) – did this in her 20’s. Now it feels different in her body. It’s about finding hope and bringing light.

  • One felt humble and was feeling her ancestors behind her. She felt their presence. Love can overcome fear. Finding her voice, and to have fun.

Noticing and acknowledging that all this is present in the room, in the field, as we move into constellation.

With these human representatives so present

Constellation - Intention/Question

As a nation of immigrants seeking home, what is at the root or our disconnection, mistrust, and even fear of one another? Where are the seeds to nourish a life-affirming future for all?

Elements that were called, or showed up, to be represented. Not necessarily in this order.

White European descended people – first, came and stood in the middle, looking around, felt unsure, wanted to experience a sense of peace in our country.

The US government – stood at a distance on the edge of the circle, looking in and surveying the whole field. She felt a bit overwhelmed by all that had to be tended to, but seemed to be neutral emotionally and a bit stiff. As the constellation progressed, she watched all that was going on. She was very alone and kept her distance just trying to see everything.

Undocumented immigrant – this representative stood on the other side of the circle and looked out of the circle – a bit to the right of the US gov’t’s direct gaze. She felt unsafe, and not sure of being here, if it was the right thing.

The children – when asked to come in, this representative immediately began weeping, went to the left side opposite the US gov’t. Sat on the floor looking out of the circle. She did not feel safe, or protected, and not even noticed.

The mothers – someone in the circle felt like the Mothers were needed (maybe for the children). However, she also stood looking out of the circle and closer to the undocumented immigrant. Not really going to the Children at all. She was quite distressed, feeling powerless as a mother, and did not seem to notice the children. Not wanting to look at anything.

In the meantime, the US Government watched distantly all that was going on. The gov’t. noticed that some were needy and she just couldn’t take care of everyone. They need to help themselves. They need to participate in government. This is a government, not only for the people, but of and by the people. They need to be involved. She was very alone and kept her distance just trying to see everything.

? Something unknown (to be revealed) came in and at first was not sure of her place. (this element may be slightly out of order) she felt a need to stand beside the US government looking into the circle. Over the course of the constellation this seemed to be the underlying principles of the US Government, like the Constitution, that supported and stood with the government. The US government liked having her there. Felt stronger. It may have been the US Constitution (as we began to call this rep) who actually said the people need to participate in their government, not be helpless or blaming. It was obvious many did not feel they could participate, especially the Mothers and the Children.

Sometime soon the Undocumented Immigrant felt she could turn and look into the circle. Then she was drawn to the Constitution and wanted to go stand beside her. She did and so the Constitution was standing in the middle between the US government and the Undocumented Immigrant looking at everyone in the field.

Meanwhile the White Descended European was still just standing in the middle, looking around, wanting everyone to get along, not quite sure what to do (or it seemed that way). Why couldn’t we all just love one another?

And the Children were still sitting on the floor feeling left out, unseen, crying, inconsolable.

Resource for the Mothers – It felt like the Mothers could help, but they seemed powerless. So a resource, a very strong presence, came in to resource the mothers. She put a very firm hand on one shoulder of the Mothers and this seemed to make a huge difference. Not sure of the timing, but at some point the Mothers could turn around.

A person in the circle who felt like she was part of this and could not get out or away, raised her hand. She felt almost sick, could not really stand, and went to sit on the floor a bit to the right (looking from inside of the circle) and behind the US Government but could also see into the circle. She began to be a Trump supporter/voter, was crying and felt shame for supporting and bringing in the government we now have in power. It seemed she felt really excluded now (and maybe before too). She was miserable, ashamed and left out.

A resource came in to stand behind her, the Trump Supporter still sitting on the floor. Having some support really helped her.

All the while a couple of things happened. When the Trump Supporter was crying and ashamed, for the first time the Children, still on the floor, turned to look in that direction. The Children were interested, and not crying now.

The Undocumented Immigrant (standing by the Constitution) turned toward the Trump Supporter. She wanted to stand by her. She felt empathy for her. So she went there, and now The Undocumented Immigrant, the Trump Supporter, and her Resource were behind the US Government (didn’t seem like the right positioning yet – but certainly they were hidden from view of the US Government who didn’t seem to notice them)

Soon the Children wanted to go over and sit beside the Trump Supporter who was now feeling a bit better. More included. And the children really seemed to care about her and wanted to help take care of her. (of course not a good role, very out of natural order for the Children to care for an adult)

Soon the Mother, with her strong resource, moved over to be by the Children.

The Trump Supporter now felt like she was in the wrong place. She rose with her Resource and Undocumented Immigrant and they slowly came around to stand facing the US Government. And the Constitution. The Trump Supporter could stand there and look.

The White Descended European still did not totally find her place and not sure, but think she was a bit behind all the others looking at the US Government. The Children had stood up by the Mothers (whose very strong Resource stood right with her). All were now basically in a semi-circle, and the White European had entered with them, all facing the US Government and the Constitution. They all seemed to be willing to be seen now, felt stronger, and able to look at the US Government.

This seemed a good time to close, given it was close to ending time for the evening. There were still some questions, but certainly some things resolving.

As the facilitator, I asked if any of them had more to offer/say.

The Strong Resource for the Mothers definitely wanted to speak. She was the Warrior, ready to stand with the Mothers, to strengthen, to defend, to protect. It seemed she was a truly strong Feminine Warrior Energy, no longer willing to stay in the background, but to be present in the system and to stand in her power!! This was really a powerful moment. In the de-brief there was also from her the element of standing on our ancestors shoulders. This warrior resource always had a very strong stance and hand on the mothers’ shoulder.

As facilitator. Some of the healing movements/moments, shifts, new revelations and understandings that I noticed.

Empathy – the Undocumented felt empathy for the Trump supporter who was feeling left out, very discouraged, sitting on the floor dejected, and ashamed. As empathy was spoken by one who was in danger herself (as undocumented), I felt an energetic shift in the system. Empathy has the power to open hearts and heal a lot, even a Trump Supporter whom we might assume detests Undocumented Illegal Aliens, as the far right often calls them. The Trump Supporter started to really relax and stop crying. Empathy seems to be a seed to affirm life!

I am still pondering what is the connective tissue between the undocumented immigrants seeking to find home and belong, and the elements in the American population that apparently supported a Trump agenda that would deport them? How/why did the immigrant feel empathy? And the Trump Supporter accept empathy and feel stronger? Is there something about them both being /feeling marginalized?

Shame – I was surprised that the Trump supporter was crying and felt shame for supporting and bringing in the government we now have. It seemed she felt really excluded now (and maybe before too). This sense of deep shame might relate to the deeper wounding in many white working class Trump supporters who have felt so left out and worthless, and even sometimes referred to as White Trash (there is an interesting history behind the origin and evolution of that label). The immigrant’s expression of empathy for her, actually helped her be willing to stand up (she was already resourced). She was ready to take her place, and maybe for the first time could feel like she truly belongs in this society.

The Feminine Warrior Energy was powerful. If I had thought, I would have questioned her sooner. She truly made a difference for the Mother who could begin to believe she could protect and care for the Children. (she barely noticed them before). And the strong hand-on-the-shoulder warrior stance was leaning on the shoulders of the Ancestors.

The Children often show up in a constellation as not seen, not included, not cared about, or doing their own thing. In the last 2 constellations, the children eventually were emotionally moved by the fear or pain of an adult or parent and wanted to take care of the adult. It seemed to give them focus and meaning when they didn’t have a place and maybe felt blame for the adult’s pain. This is, of course, a sign of an unhealthy system/family dynamic. In the last constellation, the Children became more of a unifying factor, since all the different parties cared about their children. In both constellations, however, no one really moved closer to them, to protect, or to help them.

Stuckness seems present in these constellations depicting various elements of our current times; the system often seems paralyzed. And likely really just another symptom of the collective trauma present; a kind of numbness or disassociation results. No one is really able to move or to see and acknowledge each other. There is a kind of despair or paralyzing fear. The White Person is often kind of lost, wanting to help and not knowing how; old ways and platitudes don’t work. And maybe White People are now excluded in a system where they no longer have the advantage (that could be a Trump Supporter too). Is that a buried seed of hope? For now, just a hypothesis.

The Trump Supporter felt what she was representing changed a bit during the constellation. She gradually knew being behind the government was not the right place. When she originally went there, she could have also been some kind of ancestor or predecessor to the US Government. She felt that too. And then she felt like a Trump Supporter. So this was not clear and maybe simply evolved during the constellation. It might be a deeper underlying dynamic in many that they are seeking to return to old ways, some idealized view of how America came into being, like its ancestral roots and heritage in the current drastically changing world.

Circle / De-Brief and Closing

  • Were we being too nice in the circle at the end? (seemed to be asking if this was real)

  • Noticed that a child feels fear when the parent/adult feels fear. The mother can tell them they’ll be OK. A lot of adolescents are very concerned about the environment; almost like tears of the children.

  • The Resource for the Trump Supporter said it felt really right to stand behind her. In the circle before that, she was feeling like an outsider, and sad.

  • Mothers felt small, no power, then when resourced she felt the strength and could do what she wanted to do.

  • Warrior ancestors. Everyone needs that. To know/feel the shoulders we have stood on. And to know we already have the strength in us. We are strong and amazing.

  • Trump Supporter – also felt like the history behind the government.

  • Undocumented immigrant – felt like saying ‘bullshit’ to the white person. You think you care for us?

  • US Government is by and for the people. People need to be doing something, participating. They were too needy. Too much going on. Government could not do it by herself.

  • Circle at the end – Was this too good to be true? Seemed to happen naturally. Everyone saw each other. The Trump Supporter really felt included and could face the US Government. (Judy’s sense is the institution is very different from Trump and now she could open to it.


As a nation of immigrants seeking home, what is at the root or our disconnection, mistrust, and even fear of one another? Where are the seeds to nourish a life-affirming future for all?

Just noticing and playing with ideas

Roots or our disconnection, mistrust, and even fear of one another

Ancestral Collective Trauma (and individual trauma) is surely a deep root creating disconnection, mistrust and fear of the other, those who think or look different. Or of those who don’t belong here (like the undocumented) although that was not apparent in this constellation.

Shame, another deep root - the need to be worthy, belong and contribute (it was about having a job and supporting the family in the previous constellation – and that way of life was threatened). Feeling marginalized and ashamed seemed part of the Trump Voter profile. Would be interesting to know more about that.

Being unnoticed, unseen seems another root. The Undocumented Immigrant and the Trump Supporter were out of view of the US government and not noticed by anyone else (but the children). Ironically the Trump supporters during the 2016 campaign felt like Trump was the first to really see them. But he is not the US Government; whom they do not trust. He would change things in Washington he said and implied a lot would go. So the Trump Supporters probably do not want to see, or trust the Government. They may want to stay out of view of the government (and like Trump feel like they are beating the system). And it would be natural for the Undocumented not to want to be seen and maybe imprisoned or deported.

Mothers feeling Powerless, Children crying – there could be a deep root here over generations of women and children being oppressed, misused, and abused by the power of patriarchy. Could still be living in many women and children.

Life affirming seeds

Maybe those who feel they are unseen, misunderstood, don’t belong or marginalized in some way can begin to see and empathize with others who feel that way. When Empathy came through the Undocumented, a lot shifted and the Trump supporter did not seem to feel any animosity or mistrust for her, and could actually begin to feel stronger and have the Undocumented move with her to face/look at the US Government.

Warrior (or Feminine Warrior) energy standing on the shoulders of the ancestors. There was definitely something here, and more to be revealed. How might we begin to access this in ourselves, whoever we are? It may be how the Trump Supporters and white supremacists we see in the news feel emboldened – although that is a very different warrior energy. It may also be showing up in things like the Women’s March in Washington, or lots of grassroots movements.

The Constitution or some kind of universal (democratic) principles (although the US version is often very open to interpretation) – there is something about universal principles, conceived from a higher consciousness that can attract across a lot of divides. And potential bring people together. It would seem the intent is a higher consciousness. The actual institutional and human embodiment is a different thing.

Ancestral Predecessor or History of the US government, or of the Constitution. This was very slightly brought in. What could this mean? Some kind of historical heritage? Others that preceded like in Greece? Maybe seeds like this are also imbedded in the current document and/or institutions we now have and there are hints of the blueprint for a new form to come?

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