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Where are the Elements of Potential and Hope in a Country (World) So Divided?

Constellation Evening Feb. 24, 2017

Harvest - Judy Wallace

How might we understand more about the USA as a land of extremes? How might we engage in this dynamic to better hold and heal current polarizing tensions? Where is the hope that seems to be missing?

We are a nation of immigrants and it felt important to honor the indigenous and this land here in Colorado that holds us and sustains life. A kaleidoscope of ancestral lineages and homelands were embodied in those in the room, noticing much of this is present in the USA.

Some of the major ones: Hungary, Germany, France, Norway, England, Wales, Denmark, Sweden, Native American, Eastern Europe, Slovakia, Holland, Ireland, Scotland. Some other ways some heritages were named included: Ashkenazic Jews, Methodists – social gospel and golden rule, Gypsies, and Communism.

Naming Resources – when working with societal, or archetypal energies, it seems important that each is aware of and calls on their resources – the following were named in the circle – in additional to ancestral lineages. Angels, guides, teachers, healers and asking for the highest and best; ancient wisdom, Kabbalism, Egyptian Mysticism, balance of intuition and peaceful social action, the feminine; playful sprite energy like a fairy; social justice, the environment, and the Wolf (just showed up); Lakota Sioux; ancestry, Celtic Shamanism, eternal knowing.

Circle Check in: Held in the energies of the threshold of the Solar Eclipse Sunday Morning Feb. 26. And the discovery of new Earth-like planets in the constellation of Aquarius.

Guiding Question: How are we (each of us) experiencing the times we live in? What do you notice you really care about/what deeply concerns you/ or what you are curious about? (not from a place of fear, but deep care and heart felt concern)

After some silence these elements came in:

  • Both curiosity and concern. People see things so differently from one another. Opposite viewpoints. Even in family. Father. No way to budge. With new planets in the constellation of Aquarius, seems like a new consciousness is possible. Focus inward and bring about a shift in consciousness. How can we help bring that a leap up? Recall the work of Wilbur and also Spiral Dynamics. How to see the value in each other?

  • Inspired by Barbara Marx Hubbard. We are at an evolutionary point in consciousness. A period of disintegration and chaos before an evolutionary leap. Messy time of being in the chrysalis before becoming the butterfly. 2 world views that can’t talk. What is the gift? We can’t control it. There is invisible help to help us up – put this in a bigger frame.

  • Paradigm shift – the physical force, and spiritual surrender. Raise from the material to the spiritual world. The challenge of bringing in the new.

  • In the natural world, there is comfort and nurturing if we allow. We must protect that world. How to bridge – is it to agree or just not to talk. How to make a positive impact and create what we want?

  • The metaphor of the wave and the surfer. Can experience complete terror, but no choice, already on the board. The force is huge; must find the balance and presence to stay attuned and keep riding. This can’t be solitary; we need the WE.

  • Concern – fear for the future of our children; life could be radically different for them. Feels like the chaos of total disintegration.

  • Elementary school kids bring so much joy. A show to give them power? The systems in place are breaking down. Example of Colorado Kids against Fracking. They are suing an energy company. They are bold. What is it we want?

Noticing and acknowledging that all this is present in the room, in the field.

Issue/concern on a card at the close of the circle.

Each was asked to write one strong issue or concern on a blank white card and then I (the facilitator) collected them.


Exercise in Representation – really sensing the energy that one is representing.

Using the cards filled out earlier and turned over and on the floor, 3 volunteers chose a card to stand on and were asked what they were experiencing. Or course, they did not know what the card said. And we did not turn them over until all three gave their sensing experience.

  1. This person felt he wanted to be more on the edge, the periphery, of all the cards spread on the floor. To see more around and especially into the middle of the circle. He could be an outlying voice and part of the circle too. When we looked later, he turned out to be “Include and Transcend”, the card message he had written. And his sense of being able to include all in his vision and position absolutely fit.

  2. This person felt some excitement and anticipation of what might evolve, but didn’t know what it would be. And was OK with that. When she later turned her card over, it was Blank. Not planned but there it was!!! Upon reflection a few days later, she also saw how her role as journalism/the press in the constellation also fed into the message of the blank card. She did not know where to find the “real story”. She also felt a big responsibility to Democracy, but didn’t quite know what to pursue.

  3. The last person was reaching out and wanting to be paid attention to. Like a longing to something out there. And to be acknowledged. Her card turned out the be “Children/Future”.


Intention/Question: Why is our country currently so divided? Where are the roots of this? Where is the future potential in all of this?

This harvest is my (Judy’s) recollections as a facilitator and may not be in the exact order but hopefully represents the energies expressing through each. More can be added or changed at any time by those present – 7 people with me in Boulder, CO on a night that began out of confusion and feeling lost. As one person said later – “It was interesting that all roads were blocked to the venue and that the detour markers were hard to find and confusing. It seemed like a miracle that we all got there”! (Actually at least one person didn’t.) The detour was totally unexpected, so it was a very in-the-moment scramble to arrive. Seems like a metaphor for life these days.

As facilitator (given many places to start) I asked for someone to represent The White House (so it was not necessarily one person but what might come through from there) A woman stepped forward and went into one far edge of the circle looking out. She seemed very tall and strong. Not much concerned about what might be going on behind her or not in view. She seemed very confident and secure.

Next I asked for the Press (who would eventually call herself Journalism) She kept wanting to get next to or in front of the White House, who didn’t want her around, wanted her to just get away. Journalism moved around a bit trying to get in there; but the White House would have nothing to do with her. She was a pest.

(not sure of next order)

Fake News came in and went right to the White House. She wanted to be there; and stayed very close, and would eventually be beside the White House and always looking to the White House. The White House did not really want her; but seemed to be OK if she stood there. Not so with the Press/Journalism.

Still the White House is looking ahead and out of the circle. She did say she felt some confusion. She was not sure what all was going on. No need though to really look or understand. Not much more to say.

A Trump supporter came in and stood behind and near the White House. He really wanted to be a follower. He admired the White House. He saw a chance to get wealthy. And he felt like there was a chance for new jobs, and someone who would change things in Washington; it wouldn’t be like it has been. Trump can do whatever he wants and it was fine with him.

When the White house was asked what she was experiencing, she said she didn’t want to be bothered with all this stuff she was hearing, and that was going on around and behind. It didn’t matter to her.

Immediately when she said that, the Trump Supporter backed up several steps. When asked why, he said he didn’t like hearing that and wanted to get away. He was, however, still looking in the direction of the White House. And would eventually end up standing close to Democracy.

I am not sure when, but Democracy came in and stood on the edge of the circle looking in. He felt that higher ground or intention was really needed here. He could hold that, stand for that, be strong, as lots seemed to be moving and shifting. He could hold it all.

The press/journalism kept moving around and trying to get to interview someone, to ask what they were thinking. The Trump Supporter said a few things, but not really anyone else. As Journalism would later say, she was quite moved by how stalwart Democracy was and she felt an alliance between herself and Democracy.

Fake News was still hovering around the White House, trying to get attention. She felt like a lap dog, panting, saying “pay attention to me. I really like you.”

Maybe then, or eventually the White House started to like Fake News a bit. The White House saw how they could use her. Fake News really liked that.

There still seemed to be a missing element (I was thinking it might be the Truth, but would see what emerged). So a woman came in to find her place not knowing what she might be. She was drawn to the Trump Supporter and Democracy. She was trying to find her place. She felt like a child, innocent. She also seemed a bit vulnerable (maybe emotional) and so I asked for a resource for her. A woman gladly came in and stood behind her with hands on her shoulders. This seemed to help immensely.

Gradually all except the White House and Fake News were together near Democracy – the Trump Supporter on the left, with the missing element and her resource on the right side of Democracy, and then the Press/Journalism.

In here somewhere the missing element became compassion. It seemed to be the needed element and grew out of being resourced, as if with the simple support of the child, the need for and expression of compassion could come through. And she could feel compassion for everyone.

The White House was still at a distance, and looking away, in a way supported by Fake News, but the others felt right to be together. They did not need to have the attention of the White House and one of them noticed how alone the White House looked.

We concluded here given the timing of the evening; all deroled, bowing to the middle and to all who served with us and through us in this space, and releasing and clearing the energies represented. Then we held a closing circle.

The human faces of potential and Compassion - gathered this evening.

Circle / De-Brief and Closing

  • The one who represented Fake News (FN)– felt worry, feels like FN is propaganda. Someone in power says something – but what planet are they on? FN is the lap dog, doesn’t know what is expected, and getting into trouble as the mouth piece of people in power. And the population believes what they say.

  • Another added – FN is the instrument to bypass Democracy. It’s frightening.

  • The one who represented the White House. Felt more frightened of the Press than Fake News which comes in handy. It was great that I couldn’t see anyone; it was all about me! No one in front of me; I was in another world. It was great when I heard support; everything else was extraneous.

  • Democracy – I wanted to be on the periphery and felt the dark energy of the White House which felt disembodied. It was good there was no eye contact. As Democracy, I felt larger than the White House and the Press was an ally. I had to put roots down to stand for the ideal. I felt confident to challenge Fake News and the White House. I was not less than. I wish people could remember the values of democracy. The missing element seemed like both children and compassion. As Democracy, I felt connection there and hope. Compassion is part of the story.

  • The one who was the Resource. She honored the willingness of the others to step in and hold these energies. Watching it felt other worldly. She could see things she had not seen before. She liked Democracy and that we all have a say. She was happy to be of support and to resource the children/compassion. Nothing before felt right to represent; but as resource, she had no hesitation.

  • The Journalist/the Press felt an appreciation for real journalists. She is a journalist at heart – always trying to unpack what is going on and to understand all sides. The President is unloved and immature. He needs understanding while being held responsible. (Judy’ note – maybe compassion is part of understanding)

  • The Children/Compassion – when she came in she had to be next to the Trump supporter; but was not comfortable there. She was understanding his view, but didn’t feel much in contact with the Trump supporter.

  • Another saw the power of the children – her daughter is part of a Kids March and they are suing Colorado Gas and Energy. The kids are just going out there and doing it.

Another ripple shared a few days later with the group.

At the constellation, I spoke about wanting to find a way to bridge the see the other point of view. Well, I had an interesting experience this week. I had an argument with my husband - one that we couldn't seem to resolve, so we had to let it sit and go to bed without resolution. During the night (not a good night’s sleep!) I was asking for guidance on how to heal this and as I was in and out of sleep I completely saw his point of view. So two things to note about this: It was painful and humbling to let go of being "right". And then, in the morning, with more clarity of thought, I could see that the truth was somewhere in between. Neither of us was completely right or completely wrong. And it came to me that I asked to see this, lol! I think it applies to our current divisions. Yes, compassion, but also humility...letting go of hanging on so tightly to our positions.


As I suspected, it was even more clarifying and an expansion of learning to hear from some a day or two later. Insights and learnings continue to unfold as if the ‘field’ continues to work through us.

These constellations, for me, are very affirming of the value of this work and to simply engage. As many facilitators know, it can feel like groping in the dark having no idea where the constellation is going, but to stay open and trust the unfolding. It’s also always interesting to see how what is represented often has meaning to the one representing and opens personal insights in them.

My gratitude to all who participated and persevered through the detour maze to arrive at our venue. My heart-felt appreciation.

Next Boulder constellation Mar. 24 at the YWCA in Boulder.