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Maybe our children and future generations want to be included as climate change gets lost in politic

How often do we forward the future to the innocent who follow? How might we burst our bubbles of illusion that this does not matter?

Collective Healing Constellation in Fort Collins June 2, 2017

Going blind, we looked at how current US leadership is in relationship to the Earth, the Paris Accord, and saw how the shadow points to what is being left out?

Harvest - June 2, 2017 Collective Healing Constellation Evening – Ft. Collins - Blue Moose Gallery

the USA, struggling to sustain an identity in the midst of leadership in turmoil, and extreme polarizing elements arising inside our country and across the world.

We gathered once again to step into the ‘field’ to explore the often hidden dynamics of what is at work in our country, the USA. Also noticing what has catapulted for attention just recently – Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Accord and the strong feelings about this on many sides. All this also seems to be calling us to pay attention not only to our tumultuous internal political process but to also see this turmoil in the context of the larger world.

An overview of what emerged before delving more deeply into our evening. A bit more detail later.

Taking a deeper look at the dynamics of US Leadership and the interplay with differing narratives around climate change. We began with reps being blind. In general US Leadership / Trump seemed to be separate and looking away or unaware of whatever dynamic was going on behind or near him. He was not drawn to anything. And would have gotten farther away if he could, looking to the outside. He eventually tried walking toward the Earth. The Earth tried throughout to get his attention. No success. He moved, she moved. He eventually was looking into a mirror on the ceiling and liked it there. And stayed there.

The Children/Future generations were away from everything, felt out of the circle, left out, not belonging. The Paris Agreement wanted to stand by US Leadership/Trump, but when he left she was fine too. She could see the whole picture and was glad. She felt strong even with T far away and looking away. Shadow/Blind Spot was trying to enter the circle but felt like she was stopped mid step. And stuck there. She couldn’t move. She was attracted to a light and shadow patterns toward the children on the floor, but couldn’t get there. Eventually a blue mat was put in the middle for an unknown missing element. Children immediately wanted to go there. Shadow was attracted there too. They both went there. Children felt home there; they belonged there and had hope. Shadow wanted to support her and sat on the floor beside her (not behind) and was looking at her. These movements shifted everything. The children were now the focus – not US leadership. They were the future. Leadership was unaffected. The Earth was staying tough on US leadership.

Resourcing as part of our check in Circle – making Sacred Space

To set a sacred space/container for our time, we entered into silence, and then checked in - first naming and honoring the resources there for each of us and present in the space this evening – be they ancestors, friends, archetypes – trusting what is showing up. Here is what emerged.

  • The Earth – this person invited in the energy of the earth that is always there to support us. She is calling this into her healing work on a regular basis. (comment -I found it interesting given the focus of the constellation would be around climate change/Earth – and I had not said that yet.)

  • Power of Teachers – they contribute their hearts and knowledge They contribute so much. And many have been in this space.

  • 103 year old grandfather who died last year. He had a deep booming voice, he was sweet, he would sing a lot. He loved crosswords. He felt present.

  • Water – Thinking of the Earth mentioned, this person had recently been photographing a water fountain, many shots and angles to see the water. It was constantly changing. He felt joy when in nature and feels it all around us.

  • Fire – noticing the elements. She brought fire and recalls her red-headed activist daughter who said she would chain herself to the White House until he leaves.

  • The Mountains – this person feels their presence as they rise majestically from the place where she lives (Boulder Flat Irons). They bring huge strength, presence, groundedness, and support.

A little deeper check in

2nd Circle – W gather in the midst of all kinds of disruption and extremes - likely feeling some unsettledness about the near chaos we currently are living through, be it climate change or our tumultuous political drama and all that flows out of that – including withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. Taking a larger perspective and giving our energy to a more life-affirming future, how might we get in touch with the larger ‘field’ at work, while sensing a positive role we might each have?

(after some moments of silence)

How are we (each of us) experiencing any of the disruptions or disappointments that seem to show up almost daily? What is your inner experience? Where do you see hope?

  • Feels like deep chaos, never felt like this before. It is unnerving. The hope I see is how many people are standing up. There have been powerful visits inside this gallery, and wonderful classes with tears and joy. And so many who will adhere to the Paris Accord in spite of our governments postion. I have hope for the whole world. We don’t have to depend on our political leaders. (comment -It would turn out this last statement could be an interpretation of the constellation that unfolded.)

  • I feel chaos and go sometimes into despair. I don’t stay long there. I have hope seeing how other world leaders have responded. Despair is around how we are losing our place in the world, our leadership. Other world leaders are recognizing that what our leadership does is not true for the people who have different opinions. I am encouraged on a world level.

  • I don’t pay much attention to the news. It beats me up. I want to be a healing presence and I don’t want to be ignorant. My father in on the other side of the issue. He posted on-line. I tried to look at another perspective in what he wrote. I saw no points, only opinion. It looks like every horrible thing will be chosen by this government. Seems like it will have to spin itself out and self-destruct. My hope is with the people I work with, awakening healing. Awareness and light are growing in this darkness. (comment - This last line would also show up in the constellation)

  • I take the gift to not overindulge in the media. Once per week I do some fact checking, and listen to AM to get the other side. I have fear for our kids and the planet. (comment - This also would come through in the constellation – the kids!) I feel anger – why is he trying to break everything? I can be of more use when not sucked into the negativity. I feel a calling or motivation to see what’s happening outside of the physical plain. To be the multi-dimensional self, more than in the day-to-day drama. It gives me motive to tune into the dream world. This all has brought me back to my practice. When I am grounded and centered, I can be of more use. And I am seeing how wealthy people are giving a lot to schools. CSU is way ahead of fund raising goal. There are plenty of people doing good things. The mainstream things look broken.

  • I feel the chaos in and out of time. Time is distorted. Is there enough time? It’s scattered through time. (comment - I am reminded of how ancestral/historical patterns repeat themselves across time – one interpretation.) I see the chaos in the mental health of my clients and how hopeless they feel. I haven’t seen this in my 25 years of practice. I continue to show up for each of them. I am refueled by nature and plants and taking a hike on Horse Tooth Mountain. If I stay in my practice and fill my tanks, I can hold the chaos better. Constellation helps many and me.

  • I feel the chaos and have to continually be in my practice to center and be present. Without taking in news constantly, but often, I continue to be in the practice of staying centered in the storm, and also noticing what is at work in the larger field. How might I build on what is showing itself in constellation? Where is the potential for healing – especially on the interdimensional, multi-dimensional as was mentioned and collective level. My sense is more is going on than I can see in this physical realm. My hope is that something larger is at work; how can I be in service to that?


Intention/Question – to seed the field, we call forth the energies to be worked with, and the resources here for us, knowing that the constellation’s unfolding will be what is needed now.

If our country is in the midst of an identity crisis, how does all that play into the different narratives we have around Climate Change? (afterwards I realized I had forgotten to name this question)

As we begin, representatives don’t know who they are and are guided simply to find a spot that feels right for them - all blind representatives.

First the Paris Climate Agreement (Paris) and then the Current US leadership including the President. Paris went in and eventually toward the edge of the circle looking ahead (outside). Leadership came in and went farther to the edge of the circle and said if he could, he would get farther away. Paris stepped closer to him. She felt good there; the right place. He did not really notice anything about her.

Then the Earth came in. She did not seem to be drawn to either of the other two. She went to the other side of the circle. (don’t remember much about what she said or experienced at this point. I was surprised at no connection or attraction to Paris. There was no movement really. Earth would later say, “ I could not feel a presence with the Paris Accord, like the energy wasn’t substantial or fully embodied. She was there, but not really there. The more she engaged with the rest of the field, the stronger her presence became. But still, she was outside the “heat” of the center of the field – on the periphery, present but not imposing.” (comment - this may say a lot about the Paris Accord and why it does not have the power many would like – even as almost 200 nations signed on)

Then the Children/Future Generations came in. They were at first right next to the Earth. For the Earth the feeling was easy, no conflict. But the children didn’t stay there. They moved away to be in their own space, and if there had been room would have actually stepped back farther. They were on the edge of the circle looking in. They were good to stay there, but didn’t feel like they were included; so wanted to stay there.

None of this seemed to matter to Leadership or Paris. Earth was more curious about Leadership. She was looking in his direction. He felt nothing. I asked if he would be willing to try turning to look in that direction. He slowly did and felt nothing. I asked if he would go closer – he moved forward slowly and Earth then came toward him. The Earth was now right up to him and facing him. Now she felt like she had to stay close to him, not let him out of her sight. It did not feel like she was attracted to him, but had a compulsion to be right up in his face. She began swinging and agitating around him, not truly finding a good place, but knew she needed to stay with him. He did not seem affected. Nothing changed for the Children or Paris. Paris turned around to look in, but no other change.

I asked Shadow/Blind Spot to come in (everyone still blind). She slowly came in on the other side from the Children. Leadership and Earth were to her right. She was approaching the center of the circle but was stopped mid-step and could not move. The children noticed her but stayed where they were. Shadow was attracted to the light pattern on the floor somewhat in front of the children but could not get there.

Sometime around here (not sure of exact timing), I asked everyone to look at their papers and see who they were. Of course, all were kind of amazed; and to notice the dynamics at play so far. Somewhere in here, Earth got really angry at Leadership and verbally expressed her anger very strongly.

When I said something is still missing, someone suggested I put in a mat for China. I put China closer to Paris than the others. Paris did not really like China, she felt uncomfortable. Neither did the Earth like China there. Leadership was unaffected. Earth was still hovering around Leadership but worried about China. The Children were still staying on the side with Shadow on the opposite side.

I felt something was still missing so I put a blue mat right in the center. China was still closer to Paris. Immediately the Children were attracted to it, as well as Shadow. Both wanted to go there. The Children went and sat right on the mat. As the children, she felt home, this is where she belongs. She wants to sit here and see from here. Shadow was attracted there too, she wanted to support the Children. She also sat on the floor to the right side of the Children, looking at them, in support (not behind them).

Children sitting, taking their place where they belong, feeling home.

This changed the whole focus. Leadership had now moved to the far side and was looking in the mirror on the ceiling and liking it there.(comment - almost like the mirror was another element represented - like an ego distraction/focus) No need to move. He heard the Children and felt something, but did not need to turn or go there. The Earth stayed with him, not letting him get away, so to speak.

It was noticed that the Children were the center, the focus, the future. Paris liked them there and Shadow felt she needed to truly be there and focus on them. We saw that the Children and Future Generations are so often left out, on the side, not included. They are the ones that will live with the future. So for the whole children carry this shadow. It is time to bring them into the light. Some spoke of the blue mat as hope, of the collective hope. Earth felt there were some words she needed to speak to Leadership so they would be in the field. She said something like, “you don’t have that power, it is not your power. You won’t have that power over us all. This is bigger than you.” Leadership seemed to take in her words (later would say he hoped he was a channel for these words to get through), but as the representative of Leadership he was unaffected. She had previously told him to pay attention to her; she is the Mother, they are connected. He was unaffected.

We concluded to de-role and process a bit more. All were amazed at how things unfolded even when they didn’t know who they were.

After De-Roling (a very important ritual piece)

This great group of Ft. Collins people re-enter themselves to shine light in their lives. Thanks to each for this service.

A great group of people in Ft. Collins - bringing light into deep shadows

Closing Circle debrief - Circle sharing

What was your experience? What did you notice, or what surprised you? What are you learning about yourself in this process?

  • Shadow/Blind spot – enjoyed doing this blind. It was fascinating. I am curious about what I saw on the floor, the light there, and patterns. I felt neutral most of the time. The children were most interesting, but no real attachment. I was stuck and not impacted until the 2nd blue mat (unknown or missing element) was put down. Then I could move into my place. I am curious how this will all settle in me and all the shadows play in this.

  • Children/Future Generations – the shadow was the most interesting to me. I wonder about hopefulness for the next generation. Will they be able to integrate this shadow? I noticed how Paris did not seem to be connected to the Earth. Maybe it’s not the solution, and since it is not binding, it doesn’t have a lot of strength.

  • Paris Climate Accord – I felt a strong urge to step into the position, even not knowing what it was. It was blind and yet still noticing lots was revealed. Earth stayed close to Trump. When China came in, I didn’t like that. Trump liked seeing himself in the mirror. Having the children on the floor in the middle felt right.

  • US leadership including the President(comment – I noticed how Leadership became Trump as things unfolded) – At first, I felt like I could just keep going and walk out the door. But then I felt like an iceberg adrift at sea. Earth was tough. I welcomed her tough comments toward the end so I could be a channel for those ideas to get through. It was good that this was blind. It helped remove me, and forced me to be in in my body and to trust the energy and intuition. It was subtle, but big results could occur. In our final re-roling circle, it felt good to bow to the future generations. Feels like what I came for, putting hope out into the future.

  • Earth – when you were asking for volunteers, I felt compelled to take the 3rd position (so something was calling about the Earth although she didn’t know that’s what she would represent). The amount of fury I felt surprised me. It was emotional. It feels like the powerlessness I sometimes feel because I can’t speak to leadership. I brought fire into the initial circle and my red-haired activist daughter. I felt her anger; like she was channeling it through. I couldn’t track shadow. I had to do the job with Trump. Once I recognized Paris, I liked that she was there at the end. The fury came in waves, like it must be for the general public. The blue mat (where the children sat) seemed like hope or the collective. Felt like it carries deep healing.

  • Children – noticed the relationship to Paris. When Trump left, it felt powerful. Maybe that will strengthen the Paris Agreement. (in reality that seems so in that many are now stepping up to say they will adhere without the US Leadership)

  • Earth – I had a distrust of China. And in our country lots of our stuff in made in China. Now that the US has vacated Paris, China moves in. Gives me concern and fear.

  • The Children – it felt like the collective was embracing shadow.

  • Paris Agreement – it felt hopeful for the Children and future generations. To sit in the place that felt like home, safety, and community.

Ending with silence to close our sacred space for this evening.

Follow-on - Ripples from the field

And then more came over the next few days.

Judy – I have been told often that shadow points to the gift; what we have not been looking at (like a blind spot) and maybe painful to see, but often where transformative healing is possible. In this case shadow was kind of stuck in the middle and looking at the lighted patterns on the floor. Like a metaphor for old patterns humanity has not been willing to see. And then was drawn to the blue mat, and the children, as if she wanted to shine light there. And Children mentioned it felt like home to sit there. This planet is their home, home to all, and they will protect it, even if the current leadership or adult generation don’t. They hold the hope for the future. It seems we don't need Current Leadership who is not even involved, more often aggrandizing self - like admiring oneself in the mirror. (comment - a recent cabinet meeting where everyone told Trump how great he was seemed like the mirror he wants/needs and where he puts his focus. Do mirrors lie?)