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Distrust of the Media - Is it an enemy of the people? What is really at work?

Trust can be key to a healthy life-affirming system where humans engage willingly and without fear with one another. In the constellation of June 16 the representative for Distrust was drawn immediately to stand under the light and was basking in the light. (None of the representatives know who they were representing at this point, just going with intuitive bodily sensing)

When a mat was placed on the floor for the Media, Distrust was drawn there. She put her hands out over the Media and said it felt like she was offering healing energy, and felt like now she might be representing the Truth.

I see this in the larger context of what seems to have been growing for some time - an opinion or feeling among many Americans that the Media cannot be trusted, that they are not reporting the truth. This seems to have been amplified by President Trump's assertions of the mainstream Media spreading Fake News. This also appears to be when something is reported that he does not agree with, or that he is threatened by. And his supporters then get supportively engaged and sometimes enraged by how their President is being maligned - like the Russian hacking of the election and the implication of possible involvement of the Trump Campaign. Or the subsequent investigation by the FBI and now a special counsel.

Most recently Trump tweeted a video from a wrestling match 10 years or so ago where he physically beat his opponent to a pulp. In the recent tweet, his opponent's face carried the name CNN - in large letters as likely it was photoshopped into the video. That video was then shared millions of times. Trump has repeatedly called out CNN for Fake News, and also a couple of morning anchors on MSNBC, especially the woman. Another pattern of vicious attacks has been to target women reporters/anchors. So this is all escalating to unbelievable levels of hate, fear, and distrust of the Media beyond anything seen in our country before. And I would note that Freedom of Speech with a free press, is a key part of the US Constitution - the first Amendment.

Interesting how Trump and his supporters are barreling right past that - on the attack. Also of note, this all is leading up to our Independence Day from Great Britain celebrations on July 4.

Also noteworthy that in a previous constellation The White House, The Press, and Fake News were represented. In that constellation the Press couldn't get near the White House, which did not want to acknowledge or talk to them. Fake News kept hanging around the White House, like a lap dog waiting to be paid attention to. The White House did not notice Fake News at first, and then eventually decided they would keep it around because it could come in handy.


So back to the constellation of June 16. When Distrust stood in the light, it seemed transformative. It seems Distrust was the Shadow element in this constellation seeking to understand more about patterns of Gun Violence in our Society. (I wonder how long the lack of trust amplified by fear have been present in America's need for guns.) After standing in the light, Distrust then could become a force for healing and went right to the Media (not even knowing what that was). And may have been emanating the healing energies of Truth or instilling a healing kind of Trust - maybe so the Media could fulfill its true purpose. Truth would be an ally. Trust is missing in our current environment, so the Media is living with being attacked and sometimes the dangers of that. The element of Distrust would show itself in other ways in the constellation - others represented were Money, Guns, Law Enforcement, and the People, and where the power lay - in the people? Guns? Law Enforcement? Money? Is the lack of trust a determiner of the power struggle? Lots of questions.

For this writing I have focused on Distrust of the Media and how that is playing out daily in the United States of America. I also notice how many mainstream news outlets are attempting to report and verify the truth (old standby's like the New York Times gaining back market share) . However, many Americans, especially Trump's base, don't seem to be paying attention or don't believe mainstream media. They have been called Liberal and therefore bad for years. And what about the Fear that underlies Distrust of the Media? Where are the roots of this fear? A question I am holding as my constellations look systemically at the turmoil in America today.

One other note not his subject. I also saw the Media's difficulties with Trump show up in an even earlier constellation. Here it was called the Press. Truth wanted to be the ally of the Press and was there to help the Press look toward its future potential, a bright picture. They partnered and walked confidently toward a lighted future together. Off in the corner and in a different direction Trump was having a tantrum and squirming all over the place. He was just kid on the sidelines. The Truth and Media were allied and strong together.