Other options can easily be interwoven to enhance private consultations.



5 or 6 people exploring collective soul wisdom.


10-20 people – on personal issues or larger social healing issues. Once the ‘field’ opens to revealing itself, the possibilities are unlimited.

You know more clarity is possible.

Contact me to find out how

we might discover this together.

Where do your gifts

truly meet the world's deep needs?

Possibly you wonder ....


Do any of the following speak to you?

Maybe you truly have innovative ideas, a deep desire to help, and things just don’t take hold. 
Maybe you feel that sometimes you don’t know what direction to go, you question your commitment, you feel disconnected and lost as nothing seems to break through the pain or uncertainty you see all around.
Maybe nothing you do seems to reach the overwhelming numbers of people in need – so much divisiveness, so much suffering on so many levels - kids, families, marginalized groups, losing hope in all the institutions that don’t really serve.
Maybe your personal, ancestral, cultural history holds some painful memories – not
always clear; but these wounds may be asking for healing before you can be a true change agent.

 Maybe you are burned out, often feel broken and discouraged.
Maybe your work and day-to-day don’t carry the spark you would like, or seem too routine?
Maybe you wonder why sometimes you get discouraged, overwhelmed, even depressed or ill.
Or maybe you just want to grow into the soul presence that you are

and just not quite sure where to start.


Soul Mentoring offers you the space to inquire, to explore your deepest questions, to listen
to your deeper calling, and to be listened to, fully heard, and witnessed in the process. I will hold a steady loving presence that often opens people to what has not been seen or quite known before. So much depends on stage of life and getting that perspective, honoring where you have been and noticing where your unique life threads may be pointing next. It may depend on healing limiting beliefs, old fears, wounding, feelings of self-worth – whatever might be in the way. Attuning to soul presence can be very empowering, and a journey that does not have to be taken alone.

I will walk this path with you – shedding light where shadows may have been. Depending on the need and your preferences we might engage in some visualization, meditations, deep listening and inquiry, creative mini-constellations, astrology, inviting your soul to reveal what may still want attention and who you truly are.