Why would you want to engage in soul-inspired coaching Circle?

 Coaching Circles                      


Maybe you are excited to pursue a new kind or work, project, initiative, or prototype.
Maybe something is really calling that is so needed in these troubled and uncertain times.

And sometimes it's all so overwhelming, you aren't even sure how or where to start.

Are you unclear on what is really needed at this time or how it fits into your life?
You might well benefit from a wider knowing than you alone can access.Would you welcome sitting with a small circle of peers to tap the group's collective wisdom?

What if you could get ideas and inspiration you have not thought of before?

A Coaching Circle is a small group of 4 to 6 including Judy meeting every couple of weeks to engage for

2 hours in a process that accesses our collective ‘field’ of knowing, beyond what any one of us might know.

In a coaching circle, with Judy’s guidance as part of the circle, we develop a sense of intimacy and trust

to work collaboratively from our soul-FULL-ness and collective presence.

We intuitively sense beyond what we already know, and spontaneously build on each others ideas,

to generate innovative ideas that spark and excite us all.

Here's one story.

Marie cares deeply about climate change and finding ways to bring sustainable change to a world that is still so bent on old habits and comforts that harm and pollute.  She has initiated several projects, but so far nothing is really taking off.  She brought her latest idea to the group.   By listening deeply to Marie and then in silence to hear the not yet known, imagined or spoken; the group, through guided processes began to engage in a generative dialogue.  Not giving advice to Marie, but simply voicing what was showing up in each moment.  Marie was amazed at what was coming through and also saw her blind spots.  For the first time she began to understand how to communicate with people who have other perspectives and needs than hers. She had the start of a whole new way of thinking and some strong clues about how to begin.  She was excited and grateful; and the group was enlivened as well. One of them even wanted to collaborate and support her work.

How To Get Involved

If you are not familiar with my work, I offer a free 45 minute consultation call – to answer your questions, give you a better idea of this experience and its potential value, and ways for you to discover if this is right for you.



Our collective inquiry and process might apply to your soul work, or an initiative you are part of and want to know more, or maybe a prototyping idea – something that you care deeply about and feel is part of your soul inspired work.


Each person is a coach and a case giver. At each meeting, one will bring his/her case to the group. As a case giver you will be given guidelines and some questions to consider as you tell the circle what you care deeply about.


The circle will engage in silent and deep listening, and then collectively reflect images, metaphors, movements, sounds that may have come through – enhanced by a form of meaningful and generative collective conversation that taps into the deeper and wider future wanting to emerge, beyond what you and we already know.


We will conclude by collectively harvesting, taking note of what emerged for the case giver, as well as each in the circle. What surprised us? What are the gems we take away? What actions might be follow-up for any one of us?